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Park South Imaging Center

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6215 21st Ave West, #A
Bradenton, FL 34209

Phone: 941-795-4449
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Monday - Friday
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will my exam take?

    Most exams take between 30-60 minutes.

  2. What should I wear to the exam?

    Comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing anything with metal including jewelry, zippers and snaps. Those items will need to be removed before the test. Women can wear a sports bra with no metal.

  3. Will I feel any pain?

    No, not from the test. MRI uses a magnetic field to acquire the images so you will not feel any pain. You must lie very still during the test. Some patients become uncomfortable lying in one position. If you think you will have trouble lying down, notify the technologist.

  4. How soon after my test can I expect the results?

    A board certified radiologist will read your exam and a report will be sent to your referring doctor within 24-48 hours. It is recommended that you speak to your referring doctor for an explanation of the test.

  5. Do you have self-pay and co-payment options or discounts?

    Yes. We do have options available for patients with no insurance or co-pays. We also take most credit cards and CareCredit. Call our office prior to your exam to discuss payment arrangements and discounts.

  6. What insurances do you take?

    We accept most major insurance plans. For a full list of insurances that we are contracted with, see the insurance tab in the “for patients” section

  7. How do I contact someone about my bill?

    For billing inquiries, please call Physicians Sales and Support (PSS) at

  8. Can I fill out my paperwork before I arrive?

    Yes. Go to the patient form tab in the for patients section. There you can download and print most of the necessary forms prior to your exam.

  9. Where can I leave a comment about my experience at your facility?

    Our Patients feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Under the contact us tab choose patient survey. There you may fill out our survey that will be emailed to our corporate headquarters

  10. Why do you need all of my prior films?

    The radiologist needs to see how your current films compare with old ones. This helps to identify changes that may have occurred since your last examination and makes for a more accurate exam.

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?

Magnetic Resonance Imagining entails producing use of a large effective magnetic field with radio waves to examine the internal parts of human body. Compared to x-rays, there is no ionizing radiation involved in MRI, which makes this a very safe and non-invasive approach of ‘seeing' into the human body. The images produced by the MRI scan are either two-dimensional or 3 dimensional reproductions of the muscles and joints.

MRI scans are preferred to CT scans and other diagnostic imagining methods due to its high quality outcomes in soft tissue imaging. It is specifically recommended for the imaging of organs like the brain, spine and musculoskeletal program.

While undergoing an MRI scan, contrast dye may be injected into the bloodstream, which illuminates in the patient's body parts helping the technician to diagnose a complex abnormality of a particular component. Before injecting the contrast dye, the patient has to sign a consent form with a series of questions about any prior illnesses or food allergies.

The patient's medical history must be thoroughly reviewed for any metallic devices, such as implants, plates and screws, which have been surgically put into an individual's body.

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